Bruce's Bio

bruce graham

Bruce Graham was born on February 21, 1971, in the small town of Kent, Ohio in the United States of America. He studied applied game theory and developmental psychology at Stanford University and graduated with a B.A. in 1993. Bruce worked collaboratively with a Quito-based grass roots organization to create the first day care center for disabled children in Ecuador. He then founded a consulting firm that helped more than 350 NGOs to secure over $25 million (USD) in total funding. Bruce is an avid eco-adventure traveler. Highlights have included entrance into the Huaorani territory in the Ecuadorian Amazon, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010, and a boating trip in Indonesia to see the Komodo dragons in the wild. On August 9, 1999 Bruce had a kundalini awakening while meditating in his San Francisco apartment. After 14 years of study and integration, he became a spiritual teacher helping you to remember your enlightenment.