Your “path” is not to attain enlightenment, but simply to remember it.

The ego convinces the mind to seek enlightenment as a possible future. But you are already inherently enlightened, so seeking the light outside of your self is misguided. Remember your enlightenment and know who you are.

Remember Your Enlightenment

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01 Sep 2018

eStudent Center — Official Launch

We are currently working to add a subscription-based eStudent Center. Cost will be $9 per month or $89 per year USD, with over…

01 Oct 2018

World Tour Begins

Bruce is currently creating a participatory workshop bearing the name of his eBook – Remember Your Enlightenment. The workshop will consist of an…

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Remember Your Enlightenment

3 months ago

Enlightenment is the realization of self as the timeless light of awareness, as opposed to false identification with any


On August 9, 1999, Bruce Graham had a kundalini awakening while meditating in his San Francisco apartment. After 14 years of study and integration, he became a spiritual teacher. Remember Your Enlightenment is Bruce’s primary teaching tool, consisting of 100 meditations and practices for all levels. Topics include the nature of the self, the unfolding of consciousness, karma, facets of the ego, the light structure of the subtle body, and sources of spiritual awakening.

Remember Your Enlightenment will soon be available in eBook and print formats through most major online vendors worldwide. To be notified of the official release date, join Bruce’s Email List.


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